There are no cookie cutters here. Each brand is unique and has its own story that needs to be told.


I'm here to help you bring your vision to life - one that stands out and is bold.

Helping entrepreneurs at the stage they are ready to grow their businesses is my sweet spot.

Growing up, I rarely saw role models that looked like me in college, in magazines or in my industry. Now, I'm committed to helping other entrepreneurs get confidence in their brands so that they can go out and be visible for others like them.

I'm not just another consultant adding things to your to-do list. I come on board with your journey as a collaborator, helping you understand what you need to do with your brand to make your mark.

Vardeep Edwards - The Branding Fox

Hi, I'm Vardeep Edwards


With 20+ years of experience and having worked with ODEON, Marie Curie, Pentagram & EMAP, I help growing businesses with their branding and design needs. Creating a brand foundation from which your business can grow is crucial, and I can help translate this concept into an impactful and purposeful identity that's right for your brand. You come away with clarity on your brand, your positioning and how to attract your dream client.

Let's work together to create a successful brand that has meaning and purpose. You will be involve in my step-by-step process and I will make everything as clear as possible.

Vardeep Edwards - The Branding Fox
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Client words
Melanie Johnson - The Sussex Social
I had a niggling feeling my businesses branding wasn’t speaking to the people I wanted to attract. Vardeep helped me to define exactly what that was and what needed to change. MEL JOHNSON
Kind words
Emel Rizwani
I'd previously come across all sorts of whacky exercises for digging into a brand's why and in all honesty, I felt very dubious! But Vardeep came up with a brand summary that nailed my working practice better than I'd ever managed myself. EMEL RIZWANI
Kind words
Judith Fenn
Vardeep has been a real boon to ISTIP. We love her classic, clean and stylish designs and feel she understands the kind of company we are.  JUDITH FENN
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