There are no cookie cutters here. Each brand is unique and has its own story that needs to be told.
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After a brief stint working as a Social Media Manager, the one thing I noticed about the online space is that it is extremely noisy and highly competitive. With 101 new businesses starting each hour (Source: startups.co.uk), it is getting increasingly difficult to stand out and be noticed.

the no.1 mistake

Many small businesses jump straight to marketing and the creation of the ‘stuff’ - the logo, the website, the brochure, etc. Starting here is like decorating your house before building the foundations. Creating a crafty brand - one that stands out and is distinctive - starts with building the right foundations for you

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Vardeep Edwards

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Hi, I'm Vardeep Edwards


With 20+ years of experience and having worked with ODEON, Marie Curie, Pentagram & EMAP, I help growing businesses with their branding and design needs. Creating a brand foundation from which your business can grow is crucial, and I can help translate this concept into an impactful and purposeful identity that's right for your brand. You come away with clarity on your brand, your positioning and how to attract your dream client.

Let's work together to create a successful brand that has meaning and purpose. You will be involve in my step-by-step process and I will make everything as clear as possible.

Vardeep Edwards - The Branding Fox
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Fiona Hatton
Working with Vardeep has been amazing. I went to her with a vague idea of what my new business was all about and she helped me to really think about what I wanted it to represent and how I wanted people to feel about working with me.

Fiona Hatton

Yoco Studio

Hollie Rutter
I worked closely with Vardeep to develop a new brand name and identity that really fits who I am, what I do and who I work with. The process Vardeep has in place from start to finish to dig deep into the essence of your brand is brilliant. I’d highly recommend anyone thinking about brand work for their business to get in touch with The Branding Fox.

Hollie Rutter


James Cropper
Vardeep is a highly skilled, competent, thorough and diligent brand expert who has helped to upgrade our brand identity through the creation of our guidelines, logo update, marketing materials and brochures.

James Cropper


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I know that a new brand is just the beginning and it needs other professional services to help promote it. That's why I team up with other experts to support your web design, copywriting, photography, marketing and social media needs. Do get in touch if this is something you would like help with.

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