A MODERN REBRAND FOR a genealogy organisation

To rebrand and update their existing brand identity.
Logos/Brand Guidelines/Members Leaflets/Newsletter Header/Podcast Covers/Badges/Pop-up Banner/Social Media Assets
The Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives (AGRA) is the professional organisation promoting high professional standards in the field of genealogy and historical research in England and Wales. I was hired to update the visual identity based on the brand strategy work that had already been completed.

The first thing was to take into account the strategy work that had already been completed and use the core idea of ‘Connections’ to look at how best to visually communicate this into an effective visual identity for them that would work across various mediums and platforms.

AGRA is made up of its members who act as its committee. Therefore, all design decisions had to be taken to them and be signed off. This meant that we had to appeal to a wide variety of opinions and inputs.

Using the idea of connections and combining that with a feeling of excellence, the design of this logo was created based on ‘A’ for AGRA. The design of the logo can then be extended as line graphics for supporting materials.
AGRA brandingAGRA leafletAGRA bannerAGRA business cardAGRA member branding
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