To create the event design and branding for a new innovative conference, while aligning it with the agency’s existing brand. And in the following year, to further elevate the event’s design brand.
Event logo/Social Media Posts/Website Graphics/Stage Props/ Notebook Design/Badges/Pop-up Banner/ Pillar Artwork/Slide Designs
Advita Patel, CommsRebel
“Being an excellent graphic designer is one thing, but having the interpersonal and coaching skills that Vardeep excels in is what sets her apart as a brilliant collaborator.”

The Branding Fox’s approach: Through my ‘Event Design’ package, I create a bespoke brand identity and design for the event. This includes unique brand assets, such as badges, booklets, banners, slides and a set design that are all seamlessly integrated with the client’s existing brand. 

Here’s what happened… Advita, founder of employee experience and communications consultancy CommsRebel, was planning a ground breaking conference, aimed at professionals in the world of work. Her vision for the event’s branding was bold and distinctive, which led her to The Branding Fox. Having met Vardeep at a networking event a few years earlier, Advita was keen to work with her, particularly as she wanted to support a South Asian woman-owned business.  

Advita explains: “I wanted a brand that resonated with my CommsRebel brand but also maintained a separate identity. My vision for the conference was to be bold and memorable, and yet I didn’t want to alienate my current audience.” 

The conference was poised to challenge industry conventions, making it critical for the branding to reflect this uniqueness. Vardeep created an eye-catching brand that used CommsRebel’s colour palette and lightning bolt.  

“I knew the branding was going to be good but it exceeded my expectations when we saw all the event collateral and set design in place at the venue. The branding looked great in photos and our attendees enthusiastically shared it on social media. She truly nailed the brief!” 

As a result, when Advita hosted the conference again the following year, she enlisted Vardeep’s support once again. This time, the brief was to elevate the branding even further.

Advita reflects: “The most significant outcome was the immediate recognition of the branding and the understanding that this event was entirely distinctive from other events. At first glance, the energy and uniqueness of our event were obvious.” 

The event branding made such a powerful statement that it empowered Advita to have a bolder business brand that truly reflects the spirit of her business. “Vardeep gives you the confidence to break boundaries. She encourages you to explore ideas and thoughts and helps you pull it all together in a meaningful brand.” 

Advita appreciated Vardeep’s approach of asking curious questions to ensure she captured the brand’s value and essence. She adds: “Being an excellent graphic designer is one thing, but having the interpersonal and coaching skills that Vardeep excels in is what sets her apart as a brilliant collaborator.” 

The Branding Fox’s reflections: This was a great event to be part of. It was about balancing the current brand with what they wanted, while still making sure they would appeal to their target audience. I made their brand colours stronger for the event design, so we could achieve the bold look they were after but still had a nod to their existing brand identity. And keeping the lightning flash but distressing it and creating ‘cut’ lines in the typography, gave it an edge without being too much. We had so many compliments about the branding on how it felt ‘different’.  

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