A new brand and identity FOR a wedding photography business

Create a new photography brand, specifically aimed at the LGBTQ+ wedding market, avoiding stereotypes, and helping this community feel they are represented and understood.
Brand Foundations/Brand Naming/Brand Identity/Logo Design
James Lester, Love is Love Studio
“With Vardeep’s support, I was able to refine the business’ values and mission, adding depth and clarity.Ultimately, she helped define the essence of my business.”

The Branding Fox’s approach: I offered the ‘Brand Creation’ package, which guides the client through the process of defining the brand’s purpose, shaping its personality and values, analysing competitor research, developing a brand strategy, name and visual identity, and includes a full set of brand guidelines. 

Here’s what happened… Wedding photographer JamesLester already had an established brand,Mine and Thine.  
After displaying a Pride flag at wedding fairs, James began to attract enquiries and gain new clients from same-sex couples. This inspired him to create a new wedding photography business specifically serving the LGBTQ+ community in the North East of England. 

He wanted customers to feel they belonged and were supported. And, he wanted to ensure he avoided pigeon holing so he was keen to get some branding support to help launch his new business. 

James found The Branding Fox via Google and, after a discovery call, decided to invest in ‘The Brand Creation’ package, which offered clear steps to create a standout brand. He says: “Vardeep offered everything I wanted.” 

James was initially surprised when they began working together. He says: “I thought I knew who my clients were, but Vardeep helped me drill down exactly who they are. I would have taken a completely different route if I had done the work myself, which might not have fared as well!” 

He liked The Branding Fox’s collaborative way of working and the value she brought to the business. “I knew I wanted the business to be a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community. I didn’t want them to feel like they’re a tick-box but that the brand is specifically for them. With Vardeep’s support, I was able to refine the business’ values and mission, adding depth and clarity. Ultimately, she helped define the essence of my business.” 

Through the process, Vardeep coached James to focus on the brand strategy to bring clarity especially when making decisions. “She was lovely, easy to work with and it felt like a collaborative process,” he adds. 

James contacted his previous same-sex marriage clients to ask them for permission to use their wedding photography and they gave him positive feedback towards his new business venture and brand. 

He felt that Vardeep gave value for money and was supportive throughout the branding process, even when changes needed to be made. “Vardeep had taken inspiration from my Instagram feed, but the colours weren’t quite right. She took on the feedback brilliantly and redid the palette and now I’m much happier with it.” 

James appreciated the amount of work Vardeep put into creating the brand. He adds: “Everything led to creating the visual brand. We arrived at the same conclusion that the actual branding is not in your face so it’s pared back. Vardeep recommended that the photographs lead in defining the brand’s essence, which worked well. 

“I will be recommending Vardeep to other people as she offers value for money and is invested in your business from the very beginning,” he adds.

The Branding Fox’s reflections: It can be tempting to assume you know everything about your clients… but never assume anything! I love helping business owners get clear on who their ideal client is. From their age to where they hang out on social media - all this information can impact the brand we go on to create. It was brilliant working with James and creating a meaningful brand that represents the LGBTQ+ community. Good luck with the launch!

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