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To rebrand the brand and identity for Scale and Shine
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Katrin Sturm, founder of Scale & Shine, is passionate about empowering female leaders to reach new career heights in male-dominated industries and helping organisations close the gender gap through its work.

Her previous business was called The Best Possible You but it didn't reflect what she did, where her business was at or where she wanted to take it.It was important for her business to have a brand that would distinguish her from other coaching businesses and help to differentiate her from her competitors.

As we worked through her Brand Foundations, I helped define her brand identity and where her brand could go. Our discussions centred on her values, why she did what she did, how she needed to show up, what makes her different, why her target audience would connect with her, and what her brand's role was in their lives.

After we had defined what her brand stood for and what direction to take it in, I was able to create a new brand identity. Her brand became more focused and consistent wherever the brand appeared as a result.

To create her visual identity, I chose the concept of 'shining within,' which matched her brand values. A focused and consistent brand identity is essential for distinguishing oneself from competitors and building a strong connection with the target audience. By clearly defining the brand's values, purpose, and unique qualities, it becomes easier to create a visual identity that accurately reflects the brand's essence. This consistency across all brand touchpoints not only establishes a recognisable and memorable presence but also builds trust and loyalty among customers.

Katrin now has a brand that can grow with her and differentiate her from her competitors. This consistency also helps to create a strong and consistent message that resonates with customers. It also helps to create a positive impression in the minds of potential customers, increasing the likelihood of them becoming customers.
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