a new brand identity in a highly competitive market

Create a new brand identityfor an online postnatal exercise programme in a highly competitive market.
Brand Strategy / Brand Naming / Logo Design / Brand Identity / Flyer / Social Media Assets
Claire Fitzpatrick and Emma Smith
The Mothership Physio
“It can be pretty challenging setting up your own business but Vardeep supported us throughout the process, not just at the end.” 

The Branding Fox’s approach: I offered the ‘Brand Creation’ package, which takes you from defining your brand’s purpose to its personality, covers brand strategy, naming, visual identity and includes a full set of brand guidelines. 

Here’s what happened… Pelvic floor physios Claire and Emma had individual businesses but wanted to create a new brand for their joint venture that helps women with postnatal exercises and recovery support. 

Claire says: “We knew we could add better value. It’s a crowded market with personal trainers and social influencers claiming to have all the answers. We wanted to elevate ourselves and showcase our expertise and physio skills.” 

A trusted friend recommended The Branding Fox, and after a free discovery call, they decided to go for the‘Brand Creation’ package. They were impressed by Vardeep’s comprehensive approach and her experience of working with women entrepreneurs.  

What followed was a series of Zoom meetings, where Vardeep helped Claire and Emma define their brand and understand how to communicate it to their audience and market.

“I was amazed at the thoroughness of Vardeep’s questions, which covered every aspect of our offering,” recalls Claire. “She explained that this would help uncover the real essence of our brand.” 

During these chats, Vardeep learned that Claire and Emma wanted to avoid the usual conventions and colours associated with wellness and women’s health. They were keen that their brand conveyed strength. Vardeep used this information to help create two initial concepts, both of which Claire and Emma liked. They decided to go for the bold typography and a striking orange colour that gave their brand an adventurous edge. 

Emma adds: “Seeing the concepts made us feel more confident about taking our brand to market. It felt like we were a real team.” 

Vardeep also helped Claire and Emma hone in on the name ‘The Mothership Physio’ that perfectly summed up their business. 

Claire and Emma love that their brand is simple to grasp and doesn’t need any explanation. Since they launched their business in 2023, the brand has received positive feedback from their customers. Claire says: “People tell us our brand is strong, cool and refreshingly different.” Claire and Emma enjoyed working with Vardeep and wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again. Emma says: “She’s a lovely person, open, friendly and supportive and enables you to make the right decisions for your business. It can be pretty challenging setting up your own business but Vardeep supported us throughout the process, not just at the end. She enabled and empowered us.” 

The Branding Fox’s reflections: Creating a brand from scratch alongside a yet-to-be-launched business can be daunting. However, our approach of delving deep into the brand definition and pinpointing a strategy is the foundation for creating a meaningful brand. Working with Claire and Emma was an absolute pleasure, and seeing their brand come to life has been so exciting!

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