To create and design a new brand and identity for Yoco Studio
Logo/Brand Strategy/Brand Naming/Brand Identity/Social Media Templates/Brand Guidelines/Promo Flyer/Lead Magnet Design
Fiona Hatton, the founder of Yoco Studio, hired me to create her brand.

Having worked in PR and Communications for a number of years, Fiona was ready to turn her side hustle into a 'real' business. Despite having some idea of what her brand could look like, she needed help defining and clarifying it in a way that resonated with her ideal audience.

She hired me to help her craft a clear and concise brand identity. It was important for me to understand her goals, why she was creating this business, and why it was needed.

As a result, I was able to determine how to differentiate her from her competition and make it authentic to her. This meant building her brand from the inside out and building authenticity around her business.

We discovered that one of the reasons she wanted to build this business was to bring joy to her clients. She had few competitors who offered this hook along with yoga and wellbeing coaching. This became the basis for her brand and the visual identity and name.

also provided her with a comprehensive set of guidelines on how to use her brand to identify and promote her business. As well as a set of marketing assets to help promote the new brand.

She now has a brand that aligns with her values, personality and addresses the pain points of her ideal clients.

"Working with Vardeep has been amazing. I went to her with a vague idea of what my new business was all about and she helped me to really think about what I wanted it to represent and how I wanted people to feel about working with me.

The whole process has been really positive: from developing a brand strategy and a week full of exercises to help choose a name to decide on a visual identity and choosing templates to make my social media posting a bit less daunting. I feel really proud to share my branding and it has already had amazing feedback from my prospective clients.

I'd definitely recommend Vardeep and the Branding Fox to anyone starting a new business or looking for a brand refresh. She's a fantastically professional and knowledgeable person to work with."

Fiona Hatton, Yoco Studio
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